Gynzy interactive quiz released

Today we released the interactive quiz, an important addition to Gynzy.

The key features are:

  1. Teachers can craft their own quiz questions, including text and images.
  2. Students can join the quiz on their own devices (via the Gynzy app or a web browser). This app is developed in Flutter.
  3. Teachers can start interactive sessions in the Gynzy board, invite students and manage them.

Personal Contributions

During this project, I served as the Scrum Master and also contributed as a Developer. Our team included two external developers from abroad, and I guided them throughout the development process. My specific contributions included:

  • Collaborated with a colleague to define the application architecture, including the communication protocol.
  • Contributed to the web component tool for teachers, allowing them to manage quizzes, create new ones, and initiate interactive sessions.
  • And helped developing the interactive section within the Gynzy board, enabling teachers to start interactive sessions and invite students.

See this video from my Belgium colleagues demonstrating the quiz.

For more information (in Dutch) visit:


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